Check-in is from 12-1pm

January 8 Burtonsville A Step Into Shadow
January 22 Saddlebrook East Any Means Necessary
February 5 Patuxent River Park (Jug Bay) Adventure Day
February 19 Lake Needwood Adventure Day
March 5 Gray Manor Park Adventure Day
March 19 Saddlebrook East Adventure Day
April 2 Burtonsville Adventure Day
April 7-9 Southeast 4-H Educational Center Campout - O.R.C.S.
April 16 Gray Manor Park Adventure Day
April 27-30 Patuxent 4-H Bellum Aeternus VI
May 14 Saddlebrook East Spring Tourney
May 28 Lake Needwood Adventure Day
June 9-11 Page's Farm Campout
June 25 Burtonsville Adventure Day
July 7-9 Patuxent River Park (Jug Bay) CoT Campout
July 23 Gray Manor Park Adventure Day
August 6 Saddlebrook East CROWN WAR
August 18-20 Page's Farm Campout
September 3 Burtonsville Adventure Day
September 15-17 Camp West Mar Campout
October 1 Gray Manor Park House of Cards Battle
October 15 Burtonsville Adventure Day
October 20-22 TBA Campout - O.R.C.S.
October 27-29 Camp West Mar Feast & Fall Tourney
November 12 Saddlebrook East Adventure Day
November 26 Montpelier Farms Corn Maze
December 10 Stag's Rest Siege Battle
December 17 Burtonsville Day of Wrong