Muffin by Jenn Lawson

Muffin, middle child of the Mc Bastard, family and daughter of Pie and Scones. Muffin grew up in a small baking village slightly to the North. The land was plentiful with rolling fields of wheat and the baking economy was strong. One day, Muffin’s Mom, Pie fell ill. Muffin looked after her Mom until she passes away. Scones, Muffin’s Dad traveled far too look for more work and income. Muffin continued working in one of the local baker’s shop to support her remaining 2 sister. She grew very sad and depressed after her mom’s passing and dreamed of adventure since she had not seen much of life outside the baking village. One day, a ninja came into the bakery show to buy some rice cakes. He talked of great adventure from after. Muffin Begged to go with him. Happily he accepted. Month’s into their adventures, Muffin soon realized that the ninja was an idiot. He caused lots of problems, spent money fruitfully, and no one liked him. Making her escape, Muffin promptly returned to the baking village, only to learn that drought and famine ruined the once great baking economy and her sisters have left for their own adventures. All that was left of her home was a dusty old shack with nothing left. Even all her puff animal friends had moved on. Devastated, Muffin moved to the city in hopes to find work. In city standards, she was a lowly cupcake cart pusher. In her passing in the city, she met with The Bloody Axe Mercenary Company. Her wish for adventure was answered, but what happens now. Will Muffin find her sisters Parfait and Cheatie?