Larp Canada

The Larp Store Canada is a Larp online store ( Larp Store) of medieval Live Action Role Playing equipment and accessories.

The Larp Store is an authorized retailer of Epic Armoury, Stainless Jewellery, Cinema Secrets and Plumes et Parchemins. We sell medieval larp clothing for men, medieval larp clothing for women, larp latex weapons, larp armors, larp leather gear, larp latex elf ears and all the required and products for live action role playing adventures, for any country in any universe. The Larp Store products are designed and manufactured with a focus on style, functionality and safety. The Larp Store Canada is a new Canadian retailer with the ongoing adventure to cater to Larper’s worldwide. Located in Québec we will be able to supply Canadian larp enthusiasts with quality L.A.R.P. products.

We at The Larp Store Canada, aim to meet the requirements of our customers and to make readily available to you what is not easily found elsewhere. Our assortment of L.A.R.P. accessories will show many different themes and styles with a wide range of product groups

The Larp Store product range offers both simple basic products for the young or newly embarked role-player, shopping for their first set of equipment. But we also design gear for the more experienced player who really cares about quality, and relies on his equipment in combat. Being medieval enthusiasts ourselves, we are proud to host a team of fanatical employees eager to develop and share quality, ready to use, durable products with players around the world. The Larp Store products are designed by role-players for role-players