The Hunt for Reds October….

Everyone’s favorite Hobbit, Reds October, is looking to make the world’s largest omelet for his Easter Second Breakfast. Unfortunately, Reds has misplaced all his eggs!

It is up to you, the members of Darkon, to find them for him, and return them to him in time for his Easter Meal!

On April 20th, on the Fields of Burtonsville, the nations of Darkon will assemble in a massive hunt for Mr. October (not Reggie Jackson) ‘s eggs. Teams will be formed and once lay on is called, Darkonians will battle and try to collect eggs for their team. Eggs can be tricksey things of course, some contain prizes, some contain….not so much prizes. Open the eggs if you dare, and experience the fun contained within, then quickly return them to your basket to score more than the opposing team!

Unfortunately Reds does not accept broken eggs! So watch where you step, or how you fall on them should you be killed. Eggs are lootable from the dead by anyone and cannot be hidden in magic pouches. Adventure rules are in effect for this battle and once all the eggs have been captured, they will be refilled, replaced, and fetched once more!