Salwar (Indian “poofy” pants):

Hakama (Japanese over-pants)


These tunic patterns can be modified to fit into more exacting tunic style such as elongating it and putting venting (just an open split in the tunic bellow the belt line) in the the front or shortening sleeve for layering effects.

Bell Tunic tutorial-,26555.0.html

Improved T-Tunic –,14720.0.html

Tunic for ladies –

Bocksten Tunic –,5902.0.html

several other styles of tunic –

Wrap Tunic – (open the pdf down at the bottom of the page.)

Long Tunic/dress –

Kaftan I –

Kaftan II –

Kaftan III – (for the ladies)

Tunic tutorial PDF (involved)-

Simple Neckline tutorial PDF-

V Slash Neckline tutorial PDF-


Braccae/feminalia – Useful pattern not found, Use Thorsberg pattern but measure length only to just under the knees.

Thorsberg –

‘Rus’ Trousers –



Salwar –

Less involved Salwar (Indian “poofy” pants):

Hakama (Japanese over-pants)-

Converting modern pants to garb pants-,27509.0.html

Head Wear:

Six Panel Cap –

Skjoldehjemn Hood –

Round bottom hood –

Tagelmust head wrapping tutorial (cool look) –,26652.0.html

reversable viking hood tutorial-



turnshoe tutorial-

Shoe Cover Tutorial-


Game of Thrones Style Cloak tutorial-,25239.0.html

Dagorhir’s Garb challenge tutorials:,28192.0.html

Viking Dress tutorial (no pictures, but informative),5873.0.html