Darkon: Crownlands Campout Drevlian Effect Part 2 August 17 – 19

Quick description of the event as well as layout for activities:

Several years after Olga and the Kievans destroyed Drevlia and drove the remainder of it’s inhabitants into the hills, a resistance force has reassembled and is now laying siege to Kiev. With Olga away in Constantinople, and only the watch commander to deal with this, the winner of this encounter is yet to be decided.

Friday Night Story:
Ingvar Vitharrson of Drevlia is meeting with Onfim Rorikson of Kiev to discuss the possibility of a ransom being paid. Ingvar is of course asking for too much, and Onfim offering too little. Peace is unlikely to be achieved and the whole event a farce.

Saturday Story:
The drevlians lay siege to Kiev, in an effort to preserve the cities splendor, the watch commander leads his forces into the field to combat the threat.

Friday night mechanics:
Both leaders of the armies will be handing out coupons in return for quests. These coupons may have an effect on some of Saturdays mechanics.
Some of the quests involve poisoning.
Some of the quests involve outright assassination.
If a leader is assassinated, they will somehow survive the attempt, although the assassination is considered a success regardless.
Both leaders will have ample coin to hand out in return for other quests when coupons run out.

In addition to leaders, other NPCs will be wandering the event who also have coupons. They range from helpful (such as the ability to carry around a pouched fireball regardless of class) to not so helpful (insanity, only being able to communicate in interpretive dance, etc.)

Some of the NPCs have names related to both the Slavic and Norse pantheons. Guessing their names will result in a “gift”.

Saturday Mechanics:
Regardless of alliances created Friday night, teams will be balanced for good game play, however the team with less people will start with 1 flag missing as a result.!!

Game is essentially capture the flag with 8 flags.
-8 start in your fort
-1 can be taken out at a time to act as a forward spawn point. Players spawn ~10ft behind their flag in the field.
Any flag in the field can be captured/looted
-Flag can be carried in any manner. Requires no hands to carry.
-Flags can be captured one at a time from fort, unless gate is destroyed.
-Flags can be recovered and returned, game ends when all flags are captured and secured.
-Flags must be placed in visible locations and may not be hidden.
-Borders for the field are the parking lot and property boundaries. -Anything off the paths is at your own risk.
-Castle is assumed to have walls extending to cover the back, but the rear can be climbed like any rope wall. Walls are located where the grass meets bushes/forest
– No restrictions on class skills.
– Some coupons grant players skills and abilities from other classes, such as the ability to cast a fireball/magic missle. These are considered pouched, but the casting player must still audibly use the correct invocation line(I so and so cast fire from the sun, etc.).

The leaders of each army are wearing their plot armor to the tune of 4 pts (these function like monk armor)
They will be well versed in the mechanics of the game, so if you have any questions after the initial brief, they will be able to answer them.

Gates may be destroyed with siege weapons, and with battering rams.
A battering ram can be made from a spear or any long cylindrical object carried by 3 persons with 1 hand on the object a piece.
If gates are not getting destroyed at all, they will become vulnerable to fireballs as well.

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