Darkon: Eternal Crypt of Galvanax September 2

Scenario Plot:
You and your compatriots awaken within an endless underground fortress. It’s dark, dingy, and smells of mold and mildew. You have a splitting head ache and cannot remember how you wound up there. You suspect powerful dark magic was used..

After several days of wandering you realize that you are trapped inside an impregnable underground fortress.You learn that the fortress is controlled by a demon, Galvanax, who has cursed you to never leave for an eternity. The curse cannot be easily removed but it can be forced onto an opponent…

Explore the fortress for a possible cure or find an unsuspecting opponent to pass the curse onto… The group that successfully passes the curse onto their opponents (points) or find the cure (more points) wins the scenario…

This is a woods resurrection battle so bring some bug repellent. There will be fortresses to defend or siege and random walls throughout so plan your kits appropriately…The curse is represented by a flag. Your team must place the curse at the other team’s headquarters to earn points. The demon and minions also hold a cure that is also represented by a different flag. If this flag is taken back to your team’s headquarters you earn points. Capturing the cure is an easier task and will earn less points. Darkon will be split into two or three teams depending on the turn out.

Prior to the scenario battle, Titus of Exsilium will kick off two teams battles promptly at 1pm. This will then be followed by a set of country battles to determine the sides for the scenario.

I am excited to host my first day event. Hope to see you all there!

Titus Vindictus of Legion Exsilium

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