Darkon’s Feast, Fun, and Fall Tourney 2018

Price for Feast and the entire weekend camp-out will be $25

The flow of magic calls to you, and beckons all creatures and conjurers of the mystic arts to gather at Darkon’s Annual Feast!

What is this theme?
All things magic, witches, and wizard related that can fit within a medieval setting.
This means no robot wizards from the future, however…
You can dress like medieval witches, wizards, and magical creatures!
Or have fun and mix things up. Be a conjuring caveman, or a pyromancer pirate!
Have a Hogwarts house you would like to support? Dress in your medieval bests and add in the scarf of your choice.

If you don’t participate in feast, but still want to be a part of the weekend it will be $10 for the camp-out.

There *may* be a limited number of tickets for sale for feast at the door. We can announce that a few days beforehand as we have an obligation to confirm numbers with caterers beforehand- so this puts a cap on the feast headcount.



So for those not familiar with this site we use for feast, it has tons of amenities. Showers. A nice pavilion. Fire pit. Places to tent camp free of charge. Trails galore. And cabins.

So with the cabins, if sleeping in a tent is not your cup of tea, this may be just the camp-out event for you!

The cost of cabins will be $5 a person, and that gets you a bunk. Alternatively, tent camping is free of charge, if you would prefer. Look for a future post that will share more details, but I wanted to put this on your radar now so you can make plans to be there.

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