Chosen Blood will be running a Darkon campout adventure on Thursday and Friday of Bellum Aeternus V!

+Preface: This is a goblinoid based event. Players will be rewarded for playing as goblins/greenskins, assembling goblinoid kits, and doing goblinoid things. Yeah, you can get kudos in your normal kits, but those that “get green”, encourage fun, are going to have a healthy advantage.
+Hades goes away. Replace that with “Valhalla”. (Explained later).
+Aside from “kudos”, those that are playing as a goblin are able to bypass Valhalla, and may insta-rez at any of the supplied “Death Totems” that honor the innumerable dodgey goblin gods.
+There will also be a few goblin character classes designed for this adventure. They will have abilities and skills that reflect the cunning and killy nature of the greenskins.
+You may choose to use any of your owned player character classes at each totem revival/ revival in Valhalla / exit from Valhalla
+Lay-on-whenever: Begin questing. There will be multiple factions to negotiate, betray, please, grief. If you do the things, you get the kudos. We are rewarding gameplay, and having tons of fun. We got our eyes on you.
+1400: world event 1 (capture the goblin)
A capture the flag style game where there are live flags.
+1530: world event 2 ( goblin Olympics)
A series of tasks, competitions, events designed to make you try hard and/or look ridiculous
+1700: world event 3 (Ragnarok)
Who is the best? One way to find out.
Things to keep in mind:
+If you’re not in camp, you’re in play. Deal.
+Don’t go to camp to avoid shit, we will be sure to punish that.
+Hades is a thing of the past. Valhalla is the new death.
+When a non-goblin is slain (or befall a terrible fate), they are sent to Valhalla. +Valhalla behaves as a 2 team area. The honored dead may do battle as the Keeper of the Dead (elder) determines.
+After entering Valhalla, the player must spend at least 10 minutes there. They may rest, take water or beer, or do battle. They may not enter adventure play unless they have been present for at least one “Release Call”
+Release Call: Every 10 minutes, the call will be sounded (likely a whistle). Once the current battle is completed, those who wish may re-enter the land of mortals.
+Adventure in Valhalla: Gameplay is live in Valhalla. This means that items can be taken there, quests may be completed there, and Targets may be Assassinated there. (Obviously these things cannot be done while resetting teams, but after lay on, anything goes.)
Assassinations/Dodgy stuff:
+There will be plenty of opportunities to do murder for kudos. Players and personalities labeled as VIP will be worth kudos if they are assassinated, and there will be quest givers that will capitalize on the skills of the slinkers.
+Have fun with this, and protect your Nobles, Leaders, Bosses… because there’s a good chance that they’re going to be objectives.
What do we need?
+I’ve been getting messages regarding our needs, and people willing to help. The short answer is : we need active, enthusiastic players. If you have or are willing to assemble a good Gobbo kit, and just play like your heart is in it, we need you. Some we will make into “Player-witnesses” , we don’t expect you to NPC, we want you to play, but we would like you to report to our quest givers from time to time regarding what you see going on, (Who’s doing well, who’s cheating, who’s having the most fun) This will aid us in kudos awards.
What about prizes?
+You greedy bastards will be happy to know that we will be throwing tons of RL prizes at you, garb, accessories, equipment. There may be some fake prizes in there, too, but meh. Those that we deem best will leave with swag in their trunks.
+How do I get prizes/awards?
-Do good (or not).
-Complete quests, become a legend.
-We want to see people having fun, we want our witnesses seeing you have fun, we want you to encourage other people to have fun.
-Accumulate kudos.