Bellum Battles

KICK THE CAN Saturday 1:00

THERE IS A CAN IN THIS GAME!!! This game is similar to soccer in that one can
only touch the can with their feet, but you can also touch it with your weapons. There will
be an elder at each goal post to confirm if the can goes through the posts or around
them. You must get the can through the posts for the point to count. This is a resurrection

The Can flies.
The Can flies.

This is a capture the flag battle with three uniquely shaped bridges for both teams to fight
across.   In order to score points you have to have possession of your own flag to cap it.
This is a resurrection battle.  The descriptions of said bridges are as follows.
The Heroes Bridge:
The Heroes Bridge is made in an X pattern with four small one man bridges that lead
to a platform in the middle of the bridge (two small narrow bridges for each side.) This
bridge is for those of you brave souls who dare to test your fate against the odds. Will
you triumph and best your opponents, or plummet into the dark chasm below?
The Diamond Bridge:
This bridge is in the shape of a diamond (obviously). The middle of the bridge is cut
away leading to splitting your forces or choose to hold the choke point on the other side.
Lots of strategy on this one guys.
The Hourglass Bridge:
This bridge starts as a normal sized bridge and gets narrower as the armys fight
towards the middle. This bridge is for all you line fighters that love the grind.

Bridge fighting at Bellum I.
Bridge fighting at Bellum I.