Drauhaus Beer Garden

The Drauhaus Brauhaus has decided to take the best parts of a Darkon style  feast, and slide the “food and sitting” aspect towards the “socializing  and libations” axis. We will be offering live entertainment, light  snackery, at least 4 different beverages on tap (yes, one will be  cider), and of course: social games designed to be played with a  beverage in hand.

    Operating  Friday and Saturday night from 8pm – 2am (or later, BA staff  permitting). We have come to put a glorious end to your days. [21+ only, Identification and paid registration required. We are offering  discounts for multiple evening passes, as well as an “early bird  discount”, if you register before April 1st.  March pricing is $20 a  night, 35$ for both nights.   Expect updates, announcements, surveys as the month progresses. We are  currently setting up the billing and registration for this great event.
What is “The Drauhaus”?
o   It’s a 21+ entertainment event to be held evenings at Bellum Aeturnum III
Why a party venue?
o   Because the only thing better than partying after a serious larp event is partying at a big party after a larp event.
o   You won’t have to bring with you many coolers, packed drinks (or drive out to restock so often). By all means, bring with you some choice brews for daytime enjoyment, but if you own a Drauhaus mug and didn’t lose your ID, you’re golden all night.
o   Stumbling to another party after the one you’re at dies out is downright annoying.
o   Prevention of underage alcohol consumption
Where will this be held?
o   Barn, upper level
§  Lighting, power for sound and other equipment
§  Close proximity to the restrooms
What do we provide?
o   Entertainment
§  Music
·         Live scheduled performers
·         Open to public musicians by popular opinion
§  Dancing (performers and/or open floor)
§  Games of skill (and limited sobriety)
o   Refreshment
§  Three beers on tap
·         we do not slouch on beer, and will likely be running a    light/dark/wildcard setup each night
§  Wines
§  Cider on tap
§  Soft Drinks
o   Snackfoods
o   Souvenir Novelty Mug / Drauhaus entry, so don’t lose it!
How does this work?
o   You purchase a Drauhaus mug via our PayPal pre-registration or on location
§  The mug itself is the entry to the entertainment venue. All other facets of the venue are to be considered complimentary of the hosts.
o   You verify at Bellum registry that you are at least 21 years of age
o   You show your ID and Mug to our event staff at the Barn entrance
o   You party until you can’t anymore
§  Have fun on Friday night and come back Saturday night.
Haus Rules:
o   Bellum and event rules and safety regulations are all in effect.
o   Again: No one is permitted under the age of 21
o   No open containers leave the Drauhaus with liquids in them.
o   Patrons may always bring their own beverages into the Drauhause, but nothing that is open may leave the premises.
o   If the party event staff feels that a patron is being unruly, unsafe, creepy, or a general “bad time” for the other patrons: they will be asked to leave.
o   There will be no intentional “spilling, spitting or mess-making”
§  For some reason, whenever the drinks are free, people get like this.
·         Don’t get like this.
o   If you see something, say something.
§  Inform event staff if you see anything amiss
·         Persons at risk
·         Dangerous behavior
·         Violent behavior
·         Unregistered guests
o   Drauhaus entry is nontransferable.
o   Refunds will not be offered after registration on Friday.