Ambrosia Farm

Honey and Short Mead Kits which brew honey wine in gallon quantities in two weeks. (Short mead is very ancient and their mead comes in 12 herbal and fruity flavors.) They also sell leather goods with Celtic themed art such as pouches, archery arm guards, and mug straps, as well as pottery, such as jugs, cups, plates and bowls.

Contact them at:

Apollos Gear Exchange

JEWELRY!! Men’s & Women’s Garb, Boots, Foam Weapons, “Real” & Toy Weapons, Lanterns, Chests & Trunks, Misc. Camp Trophies, Belts, E-Pens, Weapon Building Supplies, Feast/Dinner Ware, Tankards, Mugs, Cups, Flagons, Bags & Pouches, Totem Poles, ETC.

Contact them at:

Badass Garb

High quality, medieval and fantasy-based men’s and women’s fighting and feasting garb, including tunics, specialized fighting pants, hoods, cloaks, gamebsons, dresses, all specially designed for LARP fighters, and accessories such as semi-precious stone necklaces, winningas, and hats.

Contact them at:

Charm City Gourmet

This award winning food truck will take care of all your culinary needs between the hours of 12 noon and potentially as late as 7:00 pm on Friday.

See their menu at:

Deirdre’s Designs

Unique hand made jewelry and accessories crafted using a range of mediums, often with upcycled materials.

Contact them at:

Hardcore Whaler

Faeries, Faerie Habitats, Toys, Jewelry, CDs, and Novelty Fantasy Items.

Contact them at:

Hawk Designs

Jewelry, bags, hair accessories, faerie wings, brooches and more, all with a dark fantasy feel.  They’ll also be offering face and body painting by professional face painter Becky Hawk.

Contact them at:

Killer Threads

Garb, jewelry, sass, and awesomeness*.

*Where allowed by law. Some restrictions apply.

Contact them at:

Knights of the Classroom

Chainmaille jewelry, armour, household objects, and more.

Contact them at: 412.672.1989

Kommie Pig

From the makers of bacon comes more delicious food made to fill your bellies. Don’t forget Darkon, Jude Thaddeus personally recommended them as does the Peoples Republic of Dai Dagan.  Saturday 12 noon- 7pm.

See their menu at:

The Pillaged Village

Trim, trimmings, buttons, bellydance scarves and jewelry, feast-gear, t-shirts, jewelry, personal accessories, sewing accessories, tapestries, toys, books, patterns, and more.

Contact them at: 937.743.0685 or

Zu Coffee

Coffee. What else do you need?

Check then out at:


Would you like to register as a merchant at Bellum Aeternus, and show off your wares to our crowd? It’s easy and affordable. Check out the guidelines and submit a Bellum Aeternus merchanting application by the due date. Join us at Bellum Aeternus and profit!

We’re looking for merchants who sell goods and services that will be appealing to our crowd of medievalists. Garb, jewelry, mugs, leather goods – we’re open to your ideas! You must have an approved merchant application to sell anything at Bellum Aeternus. We reserve the right to deny permission for selling any item or type of merchandise at our discretion that we deem inappropriate for the event. All merchant applications must be submitted for approval and paid by 3/28/14.

Questions? Contact Yaron Linett :



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Camping Fee, $5 Per Camper:

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Fighting/ Token Fee, $5 Per Participant:

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