Locate New Event Sites

If you are interested in finding new locations for Campouts or Day Events, determine the answers to the following questions and submit the site by email to:



1.) What is the location of the site?

2.) What is the capacity of the site?

3.) What restrictions or permits apply to the use of the site?

  • Open fires
  • Alcohol allowed on-site
  • Underage attendees
  • Vehicles allowed on-site
  • Cutting/Availability of firewood
  • Noise at night restrictions

4.) What is the cost for our usage? Does it scale with attendance?

5.) What is the process for trash disposal/removal?

6.) What restroom/port-a-pot facilities are available?

7.) What is nearby (e.g. grocery stores, motels, Denny’s, etc.)?

8.) What other expectations are there around the use of the site (e.g. clearing underbrush)?