If you are interested in finding new locations for Campouts or Day Events, determine the answers to the following questions and submit the site by email to:



1.) What is the location of the site?

2.) What is the capacity of the site?

3.) What restrictions or permits apply to the use of the site?

  • Open fires
  • Alcohol allowed on-site
  • Underage attendees
  • Vehicles allowed on-site
  • Cutting/Availability of firewood
  • Noise at night restrictions

4.) What is the cost for our usage? Does it scale with attendance?

5.) What is the process for trash disposal/removal?

6.) What restroom/port-a-pot facilities are available?

7.) What is nearby (e.g. grocery stores, motels, Denny’s, etc.)?

8.) What other expectations are there around the use of the site (e.g. clearing underbrush)?